Everyone Needs 3 Hobbies

The road to prosperity can be a perplexing, exhausting and riddled with anxiety. In order to move your career and life fulfillment in the right direction, having a vocation outside of your day job can add light years of satisfaction beyond what may be attained through your nine-to-five. Below are the three types of hobbies everyone should strive to attain to take control of their journey to prosperity:

One hobby to make you money: We focus a lot on this hobby here at the Prosperity Sherpa. Our goal is to maximize your ability to earn money by selecting acceptable, interesting and profitable investments and hustles, in order to take control of future you’s prosperity. A side hustle can be as simple as selling your old books on craigslist, to utilizing the sharing economy of Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Rover etc. There is a money making hobby for everyone- and they can also be fulfilling and rewarding!

One hobby to keep you in shape: The future of this blog will be focusing on all three of these hobbies, in order to help you thrive towards your path of success. Having a hobby that gets you moving, cooking, exercising and blood flowing will be an excellent release and offset to a hectic nine to five. A regular release of dopamine can help you sleep, lower your blood pressure, and fight off early onset diseases. What good is prosperity if you cannot fully enjoy it?

One hobby to keep you creative: Exercising your creative side can have as meaningful an impact as physical exercise. Creativity is a muscle that can be developed with healthy habits. Whether it is painting, photography, solving a puzzle, cooking an exotic meal, or playing a video game, opportunities for creativity surround you and can be utilized for an endless amount of relaxation and mental recovery on your road to prosperity.


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